Final Rating: 5.52. Finished 42 out of 211 entries.

67 views including the voting period.


Animator: Gorgamorph

Description: Good advice in a small restaurant

Experience: 4

Time taken: few hours over a few weeks.


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philipp seis:

Like it a lot. Up to 258 i find it very convincing. After that it looks like you couldn't find the right poses anymore. The flow and inbetweening is nice. Thanks !

Aaron Rivera:

I love the style! Takes me back to the days of PowerPuff Girls and Johnny Bravo, with a touch of Fosters for good measure. While this isn't the most ambitious entry in terms of movement, it works perfectly with the style and gives the whole thing a sense of fun and innocence. The only real problem I see is the lack of movement during "good mood, bad mood", which I think could've been emphasized with some arm or head movement. The lip sync also could've used a few more "o"s in the latter half.

An excellent entry with great style and a fun character. Good job!

Amanda Hildisheim:

Love the character design and the line weight of this animation. Kinda looks like Yonder over Wonders. Nice work!! :D

Trent Correy:

Yea buddy!! Looks great, when are you getting your own TV show?