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Smokin Bunnyman Advice

by Sean McDonald

Final Rating: 5.23. Finished 55 out of 211 entries.

50 views including the voting period.


Animator: Sean McDonald

Description: In the corner of a dimly lit dive bar, a strange bunny dispenses poignant relationship advice.

Experience: Novice

Time taken: ~30 hrs


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philipp seis:

A philosophic open source bunny ! Amazing !
Lot of good stuff, but more work on the timing would
be good. blender ?

Jon Coppock:

That turned out real nice

Aaron Rivera:

Pretty good, though a bit creeping looking. The movement is pretty organic and the acting is well thought out. I love the detail with him putting out the cigarette to start with and the smoke effect is nice. I'm not sure about the arms extending like that duing "good mood, bad mood" as that seems more like a motion one would make to a large audience as opposed to a few friends at a table. The lip sync also feels a bit off at times. Regardless, a solid entry with some great movement. Nicely done.


Well done. Love the lighting!

Meng-Syuan Sie:

It looks nice. Maybe you can emphasize more on the accents.