Final Rating: 4.81. Finished 75 out of 211 entries.

34 views including the voting period.


Animator: Tapon Roy

Description: This is a story of a camel owner who is crazy about his pet...

Experience: 3 yr

Time taken: 4 days after office time..... :)


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philipp seis:

wonderful drawing ! Love it.

Philippe Duvin:

Nice drawings. Less camera cuts would be nicer.

Mike M.:

Wow, an animation without over exaggerating hand gestures! Nice job!

Aaron Rivera:

It's not bad for an animatic style, but I feel like there could be more movement in the body and face especially. Also, the panning shot is nice, but are kinda ruined by the jumpy closeups. I would say stick to one view or switch only once, not back and forth. It feels like more care was put into the drawings than the animation, which doesn't work well for this competition. It's charming, but not appropriate.


Nice =] I like the visuals, but was expecting more movement

Arie Hendrawan:

nice look and draw

Mahesh Waran:

hahh! good one!! keep it up!


Beautiful picture!

Merlyn Moynagh:

Move that spine! It doesn't matter if its beautiful if it can't move. He's completely stiff on the torso down. Beautiful art.