Final Rating: 4.42. Finished 113 out of 211 entries.

60 views including the voting period.


Animator: philipp seis

Description: I imagined a guy sitting at a campfire
saying this sentence.

Experience: a view years

Time taken: 6 days


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Jakub Kupčík:

Work on your acting choices, I think it was sort of over-acted and way too cartoony


I like your animation. good work, but he is overacting. less is sometimes more! :)

Chris Bull:

Too many movements to keep up with in general. Between 47-125 these moves could almost be removed and replaced with something much simpler ( or just toned down a lot). The animation is actually quite good for the most part, just some questionable acting choices imo.

Fabian Rosenkranz:

Some nice poses, but he's overacting.

Lena Envall:

too many poses

Diane Aarts:

acting is interesting, not sure it fits the quiet, subtle audio.

Meng-Syuan Sie:

The movement looks a little too jerky. For the acting, there are too many poses, maybe you can try to keep it simple, and smooth out the animation.

Niklas Bergwall:

too much movement, sometimes less is more

Joshua Hart:

I like his swagger


too much movements.. just 4-5 is enough for this short time

Merlyn Moynagh:

he does a little too many big movements for such a subtle dialouge, try to to tone down the jumps in poses a bit. On frame 82 lower his left elbow down a bit, as it weighs a bit. Keep at it!

Kevin Nguyen:

too much movements and poping.