Final Rating: 5.67. Finished 34 out of 211 entries.

56 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ervin Ong

Description: an old man sharing his feeling while playing chess.

Experience: 2.5years

Time taken: 1month


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philipp seis:

a mysterious chess player of love chess ;)

Sophie Bracmard:

The lipsync seems a bit delayed. THe way he bend on f65 to 79 is a bit weird.

David Macatantan:

Solid animation.

Character is confusing. At first he looks serious then quickly changes to crazy. The face is crazy but the rest of the body isn't.

Michael Tan:

There still some minor touches needed for the eye animation. Just for example, the ending pose, the Screen Right eye is looking in a different direction from your Screen Left eye.

Waddy Devas Wiggle:

some subject too dark,but nice lighting and animation