Final Rating: 4.62. Finished 26 out of 54 entries.

3,313 views including the voting period.


Animator: C h o c o b i l l y

Description: It's just an animatic. A divorcee in denial.

Experience: A few years here and there,,,

Time taken: Longer than expected.


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Richard Adams:

Beautiful drawings, and like the concept. Just feels like this is still in the blocking stage.

Craig Martin:

A good story in this one. And the way the characters relate to each other is very readable. The ring off at the beginning was good but perhaps could have been dialed back to a more subtle action. Like an internal thought opposed to an external action. I also like the drawings. Really nice.


Please finish this if it isn't already. Beautiful art, nice set shot and I like the story telling poses.

Aaron James Mongcopa:

This is an animation contest, not storyboarding. You would've won it it was the latter. Thanks.


Would love to see this taken further nice set up


Amazing. Wish had a few more keys


I liked the design, wish it was finished though!

Fredrik Larsson:

Great take, great characters, great setting, great cuts, great style. It really just feels like it is missing some keyframes. I realize it is part of the style to not animate everything but some of the audio cues don't have keyframes and it becomes unnecessarily hard to discern who is talking. Maybe just get some keyframes to sync better with the audio and it would have been complete. Great choice to set the conversation alongside the daughter cleaning/making her bed/packing for a move. Not sure exactly what the context is, but it does not matter, it works very well.


Wow. Nice attempt.

Jonny Strutt:

I liked the concept and the choices in acting - especially the opening section with the ring really sets the tone of the scene for me, just sorry I couldn't give a higher score due to still being keys.