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Competitions Entered

Month Title Final Rating Ranking
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September Competition Down the Farm 3.82 115 out of 178 entries
August Competition Holistic Success 3.28 43 out of 54 entries
July Competition Why would I do that? 3.25 74 out of 84 entries
June Competition Death of the Clown 3.3 104 out of 124 entries
May Competition At the Office 3.55 58 out of 86 entries
April Competition Down the Dungeon 3.81 165 out of 282 entries
March Competition In the Hallway 4.09 126 out of 283 entries
February Competition Humming on the Wire 2.92 229 out of 314 entries
January Competition A Trip to the Vet 3.71 62 out of 73 entries
December Competition E equals M C squared 4.17 42 out of 70 entries