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Re: Frame Counters Please!

The funny part about all this is that in Maya all you have to do is go up to Display>Heads Up Display>Current Frame, and it displays it at the bottom right.

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#77 06-12-2009 11:43 am

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Re: Frame Counters Please!

Sean, Which version of Maya? I can't see it in 8.5. sad



#78 07-25-2009 1:21 pm

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Re: Frame Counters Please!

1nKoGn17o   said            The funny part about all this is that in Maya all you have to do is go up to Display>Heads Up Display>Current Frame, and it displays it at the bottom right.

franko said             Sean, Which version of Maya? I can't see it in 8.5.

Maya 2008 Version on wards check it out





#79 08-23-2009 8:33 am

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Re: Frame Counters Please!

For Max, I just modified  the sample script from the MaxScript FAQ: "How do I change the text in a Text Shape dynamically?:"
-- Copy text from here........

--Create a renderable frame counter

t=text name:"FrameCounter" wirecolor:yellow

t.baseobject.renderable=true --set the shape to renderable

theCtrl = float_script() --create a float script controller

theCtrl.addNode "TheText" t --add a variable, connect to the Text node

--Set the expression to assign the height of the box as string to the

--.text property of the text shape, then return 0 on the next line:

theCtrl.SetExpression "TheText.text = currentTime as string\n0"

t.kerning.controller=theCtrl --assign the controller to the kerning

-- ........to here

If you open a new project, copy the above text into a new script,  then 'Evaluate all', it'll create a new renderable text object called 'FrameCounter' that you can put anywhere you want - it's just a standard text object, so you can change font size, colour & type, extrude it if you want solid numbers, constrain it to a camera, whatever.
You only need to run the script once - once the text object is created it's not needed again -  I've got the text object saved in an empty project, so I can just merge into whatever project I'm working on.

(This is the first MaxScript I've 'written '- and it was only created a couple of days ago for this month's comp - so if there are any MaxScript gurus out there, is there any way to remove rhe final 'f' from the counter? Not critical, but might look neater).

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#80 11-04-2009 8:47 pm

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Re: Frame Counters Please!

Thank u every body for sharing this frame counter ! Thank u very much !

Happy Animating smile

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."    - Walt Disney




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Re: Frame Counters Please!

Hello 2 All
I want know i have an youtube account I should send you the link to show my work is in progress or there is something different procedure for that. please Reply ASAP on abh.k.agnihotri@gmail.com directly




#82 12-13-2009 8:55 pm

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Re: Frame Counters Please!

Hi all, why not use after efffects timecode for frame count?



#83 12-28-2009 6:16 pm

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Re: Frame Counters Please!

Will there be a framecounter next to the new movie viewer next week? Because if you view your entry file you can just see the quicktime video.

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#84 02-02-2010 5:14 pm

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Re: Frame Counters Please!

these script for Maya come out quite small is their a way to scale the size to a bigger font?? Or if their is a  script  with a large font can we get a link please.

Thank you



#85 03-03-2010 2:14 pm

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Re: Frame Counters Please!

Man, I could probably count the animations this month with timecodes on one hand! I know there used to be a framecounter built into the player, but it isn't there anymore? Is that my Flash player needing yet another update?

Anyways, I went looking for a way to put a frame counter directly into Flash, for those of us animating with that. We're probably importing it into something else for the final file anyway (since Flash renders terrible .mov's), but for what it's worth, here's what I found. wink


1) Create a text box on its own layer, select it, and in the Properties menu, change its type to Dynamic Text. Then give it an instance name - I chose "timeCode." You can also choose your font color, size and style from here.

2) Right-click on frame 1 in the text box's layer, and select Actions.

3) Paste this code:

timeCode.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, frameNumberText);
function frameNumberText(evt:Event):void {
var frames:Number;
timeCode.text = (String(frames));

Note that where it says "timeCode" it's referring to the text box. If you named yours something different, put that name in there instead.


For some reason this is a much simpler code, and it refuses to work with 3.0. If I were a programmer I might be able to understand why - syntax tweaks, no doubt.

1) Create and set up your dynamic text box the same way as above. Once you get to the Actions editor,

2) Paste this.

timeCode.text = _currentframe;

Again, I've put in "timeCode" here - replace it with whatever you named your text box.

...So there it is. Just in case there are other people working in Flash that wanted this and know as little about Actionscript as I do. X)

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#86 03-13-2010 2:02 am

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Re: Frame Counters Please!

hey what is frame counter dudes pls let me know...



#87 03-28-2010 6:57 pm

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Re: Frame Counters Please!

ya guys i also have the same doubt what is frame counter.
pls let me know.



#88 03-31-2010 6:53 am

Upstanding Citizen
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Re: Frame Counters Please!

Don't crash your brains! Just use standard effect in AEffects . Render your animation in frames. iff or playblast it in frames and then post them in AE with frame counter




#89 04-19-2010 1:09 pm

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Re: Frame Counters Please!

Is there a frame counter that is visible when you are batch rendering (maya) ...



#90 04-19-2010 7:21 pm

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Re: Frame Counters Please!

can't we we simply enable frame count in quick time playblast will that do?



#91 04-27-2010 3:36 am

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Re: Frame Counters Please!

Thanks for the Frame Counter Scripts



#92 05-28-2010 5:26 pm

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Re: Frame Counters Please!

form maya just click Display -> head up display -> current frame. only works on playblasts



#93 06-02-2010 11:35 am

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Re: Frame Counters Please!

Hey Everyone.....

I experienced a problem with this user setup script ...... once its there in script folder.. it works fine gives you the frame count and all but when u go into preference window to edit any preference settings, u experience a strange error:

// Error: The target block is already occupied by another HUD. //

and if u re-click the preference editor window... it appears and if you try to edit the preference and save it.... this time it gives you a different error which says:

// Error: A permanent scriptJob cannot be killed.

as a result of which , I can not save my preference to it and if I pres cancel button, then the Menu in which we get options of "File", "Edit", "Modify"  etc disappears and if I close maya... it wont start again......

However if I delete the script of frame counter "userSetup" ........ It works fine.

can any one help me with this one??

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#94 06-09-2010 10:26 am

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Re: Frame Counters Please!

guys don't forget to turn on "Show Ornaments" in Maya Playblast Options to display the frame counters.



#95 07-04-2010 12:17 am

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Re: Frame Counters Please!

mattress wrote:

For Maya...

Here's how you can set up shelf buttons that will turn the counter on and off:

I've used the code from Gitten7 because that one worked perfecty with scrubbing and playblasting whereas the others weren't as good.

Open up the script editor:

Window>General Editors> Script Editor

paste in the following line:

expression -s "headsUpDisplay -rem HUDFrameCount;rnheadsUpDisplayrn-section 8rn-block 1rn-blockSize "small"rn-dfs "large"rn-ao 1rn-l "CurrentFrame : "rn-command "currentTime -q"rn-atrrnHUDFrameCount;"  -o "" -n "printme" -ae 1 -uc all ;

(it should paste in as one continuous single line)

Now back in Maya, select the 'Custom' shelf (or any shelf that you wan't to add the button to)

Now back in the script editor window:

select the line of code you just pasted in and choose: File> Save Selected to Shelf

Call it something short and logical like 'Frame' or 'Count' (anything longer won't fit)

You should see the button pop up in the shelf you have visible.

Now back in the script editor paste in the following line:

headsUpDisplay -rem HUDFrameCount;

Select it and once again choose File>Save Selected to shelf

Call it 'Delete' or something similar.

Now you should have two buttons next to each other in your shelf. One will activate the frame counter and one will delete it.

I hope this has been a useful addition. I found that most tutorials didn't have the delete option, had you messing around in the script folder or had extra unwanted HUDs.

Thanks again to Gitten7 who gave us the best code.

Thanks Mat!..

Worked like a charm wink

- Nicolai.



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Re: Frame Counters Please!

hm, that didn't work for me...

is there anything for Maya 2011? does it come with a frame counter?



#97 07-06-2010 11:38 pm

andrew robinson
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Re: Frame Counters Please!

Maya should have one built in. go to display-ui elements-and frame counter..... enjoy!



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Re: Frame Counters Please!

Another solution:
In "Heads Hup Display, you can chose "frame" or "timecode" to be displayed in the PlayBlast

In  AfterEffects, Search and use the TIMECODE Effect. Drag it to a solid you made transparent t view it
You can chose any format you wish for the display time.

Good Luck



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Re: Frame Counters Please!

hello all,

Im using maya 2009, i don't know if its on the older versions but

Display- heads up display- current frame.

This will display the frame counter in the bottom right of all cameras. Joy!!

It took me ages to find that hehe.



#100 10-13-2010 4:59 am

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Re: Frame Counters Please!

Hey all, I just downloaded pmframecounter from creativecrash.com, but I have no idea how to install it, I've tried reading through this thread, but can't seem to find anything that specifically says how to do it. Can anyone help?



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