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24fps or 30 fps?

Should we be animating at 24 or 30 fps?



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eric s
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Re: 24fps or 30 fps?

Hi Docmartin  smile

The FAQ says the following about framerates:

The most common framerates for animators are:

    * 24fps = Film
    * 25fps = PAL video--television in many European countries, for example.
    * 30fps = NTSC video--television in the United States and Canada. Many computer games are also animated at 30fps.

We recommend that you choose one of these framerates, as they are likely to be what you will be animating at when you are employed by a studio, whether they are working in television commercials, film, or games.

The 11 Second Club entry system will accept entries in any frame rate.

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Re: 24fps or 30 fps?

24fps is more



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