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my submission

this is my first competition so all crits and comments are more than welcome.

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Re: my submission

Hey kboogie!  Cool entry!  It's a bit late for a crit, but I feel its all working as a whole.  I'd say tighten up the arm movement and body movement as well.  There might be a bit too much arm movement.  Especially at the end where he moves that screen right arm over again.  I'd say pick on of those two spots and keep it there at the end, instead of sneaking another movement in there on the important part of the phrase where we should focus on the face.

I'd switch the arms to IK so the hands aren't floaty when they are on the bars.  Overall, its all a tad floaty to me.  Try tightening it up some more.  Oh and the lipsync is decent enough, but push it some more and just tighten it all up!  haha I like the idea of the monkey behind bars.  Poor thing!  She needs a shave! smile




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