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Dustin June WIP

Hey so im a traditional animator who is in the learning process of CG, so my first attempt here at 11 seconds is done in Flash, hoping to get a rig up and running for next months competition. Still needs some work on expressions and inbetweens, but any advice would be welcome!!

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Re: Dustin June WIP

Hey Duston, cool!  Great to see some 2D entries!  smile  This is looking good, but there's two things that I'm seeing...  one is that her mouth shapes are super smiley, when I'm not really hearing a lot of smiling in the audio.  The sync is good, there's some really fun shapes in there, but I'd tone down the smiling.  The other thing is that a lot of your gestures are "twinning", with both arms doing the same thing at the same time.  People do that in real life a lot, and it can help emphasize a point, but in general it's a lot more appealing in animation if you break things up and either confine a gesture to one arm, or delay one of them so they don't hit at the same time. 

I love what you're doing with the body, nice acting and weight!  I'm really feeling the final beat, when she slumps over.  Great job so far!  smile



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Re: Dustin June WIP

Hey Dunston,

I agree with what Aja said about the twinning of the arms.  I also think that the character feels a bit locked off.  Show some weight shifting or something to break that up a bit.  It also feels like it needs a bit of work in posing.  It's a short clip I know and that's the challenge, but I think you can really get a good 3 - 4 key poses in there and work around them to really get a good perfomance.  Good stuff though and it is good to see some 2d in here.  I may have to do a 2d entry myself here sometime.  Keep rockin'.

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