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Congratulations to Bruno Monteiro!!

A big congratulations again go to the very creative and very talented Bruno Monteiro for his winning entry "Rough Love"!  Bruno's piece was nearly its own short film at 25 very entertaining seconds, and it's no surprise at all that voters chose it as their favorite.  Of course, this has inspired us to impose some time length restrictions on future entries, but only because we don't want Bruno's wrists to give out by December!  big_smile

So a big congratulations again to Bruno for his fantastic piece, and to all the entrants in the October competition!  You guys did some seriously awesome work this month, three cheers!  smile



#2 11-06-2007 5:30 pm

Upright Citizen
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Re: Congratulations to Bruno Monteiro!!

Congrats Bruno.....nice work!!! Congrats to everyone else too....these competitions are getting a lot more fun with more people getting in on them.

"Frustration is the handmaiden of creativity" ~ Chuck Jones



#3 11-06-2007 5:32 pm

Mathias AUBRY
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Re: Congratulations to Bruno Monteiro!!

yes, Congratulation to Bruno Monteiro!

I love his animations! especially the one of the month of september!

I wanted to know if he has a website, demo reel or something else to watch, I love his work and want to see more of it!
And also if possible if he could tell us his way of working, workflow... That would be so interesting!

Congrats again!



#4 11-06-2007 9:09 pm

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Re: Congratulations to Bruno Monteiro!!

Hey guys Thanks so much for all the nice reviews!! Im really thrilled with it!!! Well I must say Im sorry for the reall long animation I did but that was compulsive for me, actually I did give my wife a drawing when we first met so I needed to tell a nice story^^  This piece was a reall tuff one cause I was animatin it durin 00:00 to 6:00 am, sleeping 2 hours and gone to work untill 8 pm....taking the dog for a walk...eating...all this stuff that was really crazy but reall fun!! I really gave my self into it as you guys can see the little fella was almost entirely animated in 1's...thats why I had to go for full month to finish it but I worked and Im really glad I could make it through!!!
Thanks again guys



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Re: Congratulations to Bruno Monteiro!!

Congratulations on another job well done Bruno. You have rekindled my passion for 2D animation which, it seems, is finding its way back into the animation circles.

"Technology doesn't make the motion picture, people do. You're not an animator just because you can move an object from point A to point B. (You're) someone who breathes life into a character, which is something the software and technology can't give you."

- John Lasseter



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Re: Congratulations to Bruno Monteiro!!

Congrats Bruno! 

Your entry felt really polished and was entertaining to watch... A well deserved win!

Kiwi Animator



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Upright Citizen
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Re: Congratulations to Bruno Monteiro!!

Congratulations Bruno

Absolutley superb piece! well deserving of any and all plaudits, also again proving that a pencil and imagination is still the most powerful tool in animation.

And well done to everyone who participated, there is an excellent standard this month. also thanks to Aja and Mark i think because this place is going from strength to strength and continues to grow with each passing month,  long may it continue!

The Dude abides



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Re: Congratulations to Bruno Monteiro!!

What a talent, indeed. Congrats Bruno.



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Re: Congratulations to Bruno Monteiro!!

GO BRUNO!!Congrats buddy.The fact you had fun while animating sure shows up in your piece.We should all take a hint from our man Bruno and start having fun all the more....................................

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Re: Congratulations to Bruno Monteiro!!

Congrats Bruno!!!!!!!good luck for next time......

"If you can dream it, you can do it." -Walt Disney




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Re: Congratulations to Bruno Monteiro!!

Hey congrats to Bruno for the win, and congrats to everybody who participated. Great job!



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Re: Congratulations to Bruno Monteiro!!

Way to go Bruno! nice work. Congrats to all who entered Oct's competition.



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