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june competition WIP

this is my work in progress for june competition

Direct Link

time of work: 5 hours

what do you think? wink




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Re: june competition WIP

Hey Genina, wow this is a lot of progress for 5 hours!  smile  I like the staging, and the acting is really working!  I'd say this is mostly matter of polishing now, getting in there and really focusing on the tiny details.  In particular, the lipsync isn't right in a couple of places, "to live in" and "I have no wish to live".  The mouth shapes aren't matching the words there.  The arms are doing a lot of "IK pops", like when she pulls her right hand off her leg, the arm goes totally straight before the hand moves, you need to make the hand look like it's still attached to the shoulder and elbow there.  The fingers also need more work, the poses look a little square, they could be more organic (particularly when she puts her hand on her leg, the fingers should rest on the curved surface of the leg), and the fingers shouldn't all move in and out of their poses at the same time. 

That's what I'd work on now, this is a cool shot!  Great work!  smile



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