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Run Cycle Help

I made this run cycle last night, and it seems to me, that frame by frame it seems good enough for a first run cycle, but watching the video at normal speed, its seems too chaotic...any help pls




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Re: Run Cycle Help

Yeah, from what I can see, there is no head follow through. Basically what needs to happen is the chest movements need to be smaller than the head's.

And the arms need to have bigger motion to keep the balance on such a fast run.

Here's one I did a while back

http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?ac … p;id=27425

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Re: Run Cycle Help

Everything on the body is flashing around the screen so fast that I can't follow the motion. It's really important to have the hands and feet lag back enough that we can see where the last position was. That way it draws a line between positions that our eyes can follow. I sort of think that right now the hands are the most successful because I can follow them, but DharAM is right, they would probably need to be wider to balance the leg movement.

I suggest shooting some video of yourself running, and frame by frame it to see what's going on.



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Re: Run Cycle Help

i didnt look at it for long, but what i noticed immediately is that his spine doesnt move at all.

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