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Surface Pro?

Hello guys!

I'm considering buying a Surface Pro  (2017 ed., 7th i7 / 8gb ram / 250 storage).  Does anyone have it and use on a daily basis? How does it handle Maya and other software such as ToomBoom and Adobe Animate? There's a lot of mix reviews online, hoping on getting some help from those who use it specifically for animation (emphasis on 3D animation).




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Re: Surface Pro?

Doesn't the surface have a pen with only one button?  I'm not sure it would be ideal for Maya(navigating viewports, etc) I'm also unsure about the size of it, I did a little research on it here quickly and it looks like most people don't recommend one.  I myself have not used one.  I just googled "Microsoft Surface for animation" and a ton of stuff came up.  Make sure you do your research for dropping that kind of money for something that might not make you happy.  What little I did read, the complaints that would make me reconsider were, size and one button pen.

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Re: Surface Pro?

My own feeling is that 3D animation software benefits from big monitors where you can stretch out your timeline and other windows, where you can see as much as possible from side to side and from top to bottom.

Pens are great for drawing but 3D isn't about drawing, it's about precisely pointing and selecting.  A mouse works better for that.

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