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March 2018 - Cangrats & Thanks

1st, I'd like to congratulate the winner, nabiran kim.  This was the 1st animation that came up for me when I began judging, and I thought it was so good, but didn't really know how to gauge my vote because I hadn't voted before and hadn't seen anyone else's entry.  In the end, I got picky and didn't change my vote, but I really think I should have given it 1 more star.

As for my entry:
I almost didn't enter.  Because it WAS NOT finished. But my wife encouraged me to do so, and I thank her for it.  I really am not an animator.  I haven't had any formal training, nor have I even practiced the basics in any serious way (Gawd, I'm LAZY!).  But this 1st entry of mine can now stand as a baseline for me to judge my own progress, and for others to see whether I've improved any in regards to future entries.
    Thanks to Zach Savaglio, Fernando Incetta, Tasha Howe, and James Daggs for leaving honest, fair (even NICE), and encouraging comments!  I wish I could say I learned more from this experience, but I still learned more than I expected!

Thanks again, FJW

I'm a newbie for life!



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Re: March 2018 - Cangrats & Thanks

Congratulations. It was a great first time entry. smile



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