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Playblast audio off

I'm using Windows 10 Maya 2018 and when I playblast my animations I get different audio sync for every type of program I use to open the .avi file. Windows media has a blurry image, quicktime has different audio timing, and the "movies and tv" Windows program will never loop correctly and the audio starts in the middle.

Does anybody have a good recommendation for a reliable video player/codecs to view my playblasts? I want to get the lip sync right but I don't think the current setup is going to work.

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Re: Playblast audio off

hey Taibo!

I used to use VLC. Now I am using keyframe pro because i can draw on it and export big_smile



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Re: Playblast audio off

I wouldn't encode to avi, use QT H.264.  That would be the first thing I would try.  If that doesn't solve the problem, i'll do some more digging.

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