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Idle Animation

How should a character "move" while he's not walking?
I'm not sure of how an idle animation should work...Should i slightly move the hips and the arms or nothing at all?
Anyone got a good example for me?



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Re: Idle Animation

search for a reference.. i guess it depends a lot on the situation he is standing or sitting 'idle' in.. like if he is waiting.. or thinking or bored.. even idle animation speaks a lot.. so search a reference according to that.. hope this helps smile



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Re: Idle Animation

Idle animations exist to keep the character alive while the body or main mechanics are not happening. So each idle animation should for the most part be small movements just to keep the character from becoming to stiff and feeling weightless. With this said, it will depend on what you want for the idle it could be something as simple as an eye blink or as complex as a cart wheel. Again, all to keep the character alive and give the feeling of weight. Keep that animation flowing!



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