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Blender rig "norman" is outdated

Hi there.
I was browsing the ressources pages, searching for a rig working on Blender. The only one available is "Norman". Which looks cool, but seems to be kind of broken on Blender.
It's distributed as an addon and once installed you're supposed to hit the "add" menu then click on Norman in order to add it in the scene with all his linked scripts for UI implementation etc. But that doesn't work.

I'm sure that it's not a problem for experienced Blender users, they know how to do that by hand. But new users and unexperienced ones won't. They will hit the Norma button, nothing will happend and their only choice will be to find another rig elsewhere.

The norman rig (at least for Blender) comes from 2011, it was build for Blender 2.57. We are in 2017 now, with Blender 2.79, soon will come the 2.8 which will probably be incompatible with all such old ressources anyway. Maybe it's time to add another entry in the ressources tab .

I thought about the Vincent Rig, available under CC-BY licence on the Blender Cloud along with other characters.
Of course there is other character rigs on the web, some with CC-0 (mayber it's better here ?).

Thank you !



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Re: Blender rig "norman" is outdated

The resource section hasn't been updated for quite a while.  It should get addressed.

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