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2017 November Competition Brainstorming Thread


"Frustration is the handmaiden of creativity" ~ Chuck Jones



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Re: 2017 November Competition Brainstorming Thread

Hi guys!

I really want to participate in this month competition...But my biggest problem is with ideas...I find it very hard to come up with idea... When you work in a studio, you get a storyboard and the idea is there already so I feel like the story part is not my strongest skill, Do u have any tips for me on that matter? or ideas;)



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Re: 2017 November Competition Brainstorming Thread

Hi Mayalina , its not always easy to find an idea but try to picture yourself or characters in the scene while you listen to the audio on repeat, listen to all the different types of sounds in the audio to get a feel for the surrounding area, think about is the audio serious or something more fun, and talk to family or friends about your ideas, they will also add onto your ideas, hope this helps, have fun

Good Luck !! And happy animating to all



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