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Upright Citizen
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Finding idea....

Hi guys!

I really want to participate in this month competition...But my biggest problem is with ideas...I find it very hard to come up with idea... When you work in a studio, you get a storyboard and the idea is there already so I feel like the story part is not my strongest skill, Do u have any tips for me on that matter? or ideas;)



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Model Citizen
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Re: Finding idea....

You don't really need a twist or idea for 11 second club. I know lots of people try to tell a funny story with the shot, but you don't have to do that. You can just to try and animate it to the best of your ability if you want. Or if you are just talking about acting choices (which wont be story boarded for you) thumbnails and shooting video reference are a great way to explore poses and acting choices



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