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How long have you been interested in animation?

Most of us started watching animated movies or TV series since we were young, but since when have you started to take animation seriosuly, as a true passion/hobby?

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Re: How long have you been interested in animation?

i started learning animation this january.. big_smile was interested in it since four to five years ago maybe.. though last year i was going through basics of most softwares like adobe photoshop, after effects, premiere pro and all.. smile



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Re: How long have you been interested in animation?

I started animating professionally in 1998 but ive been interested in it as a hobby since I was a wee one.  I used to make flipbooks(simple ones) of balls bouncing, people jumping hurdles, etc. before I knew it was called animation.  I'll be doing it till the day I die.

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Re: How long have you been interested in animation?

For me there were many false starts, beginning with my Super-8 camera when I was 13. I would get something going and then hit a wall for lack of information or lack of the equipment needed.

I recall an animation book that explained how to make a peg bar by using a drill press to make holes in a brass bar and inserting brass pegs.

Brass pegs? Drill press? Where do i get the stuff to do that?

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Re: How long have you been interested in animation?


A very interesting and sweet question. I loved animation since i was a kid. Watching Tom and Jerry and Heman on television is something that i still remember. However, I became interetsed in animation seriously in 2005 after watching movie Vel Helsing. the creatures and characters of Dracula were too awesome even in 2017.

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