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October Competition - Last Second - WIP

I finally decided to try and compete in this competition.
Here's the WIP of my animation. Still have to fix lights (not that important, I know XD), some poses and I'm not sure about the timing of some actions (like the hand moving the hair away at the end).
And I still need to figure out how to incorporate some of the sounds (I have no idea what they could be. Metal? Wood?)

Fire away your critiques^^
(And sorry... I have no idea how to embed the file^^ I read the post about it but just posting the link of the video doesn't work^^")

Direct Link

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Re: October Competition - Last Second - WIP

Such a great setup! everything works really well.. when she falls maybe the second bounce can be fasten up a bit.. that's what i feel but it really looks awesome! smile



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Re: October Competition - Last Second - WIP

Nice start, good action.
As for embedding the video, simply delete the (s) from https



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Re: October Competition - Last Second - WIP

This is a great start. I might play a round a little with the timing of the landing. i feel its a tiny bit too soft maybe? at the end maybe offset her movements a little more. Currently when she starts to turn over it feels that everything starts moving at the same time a little bit. Its looking really good!



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