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September WIP - Stand By Me

Hello guys. It's been a while since the last time I'd participated in a competition here.
This is a beginner blocking. Throughout the month I will post more about it.
Please, feel free to comment.


Thank you.



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Re: September WIP - Stand By Me

I like it so far, but I don't know about the cut, it jars me, I don't know if that's because they're the same character model, or just because. I think you could leave out the other speaker altogether, and have some breathing room to show your lead digesting their own thoughts. Also maybe it's cause it's such a fast cut, just for one quick line, which I'm not sure fits the overall pacing of the dialogue. Also (I wonder how many alsos I can fit in here) maybe it's because we can't see any portion of the other character before cutting. It might be something to consider pulling the camera back slightly to reveal their hand or ear or push the models closer together. You could even just have the hand of the other character do the acting to deliver their line and not cut at all.

Hope that was helpful.

Other than that I like the acting so far, looks good!



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