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Mes Buttons jumps

HHello everyone
Please can you help me to improuve this animation

Link :  https://youtu.be/Fv9Uu7N6WuE



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Re: Mes Buttons jumps

Good job so far, it's looking pretty smooth and there are some nice arcs. I like the skipping and the somersault at the end. I noticed that there is an overall lack of squash and stretch throughout the shot. Try making him crouch lower before he jumps up in the air, like a coiled spring that releases quickly. Make the poses and timing more contrasting to give a more dynamic texture to your shot. The landing at the end does not have enough weight; logically, he would land much heavier after a big somersault like that and his knees will bend a lot more to bear his weight. Also, people tend to look at the head/face most of the time, so make use of this cartoony rig and exaggerate his expressions and the squashiness of his head. Finally, his tail could use more polish and fluidity, it looks a bit jerky at times. All the best!



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