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4 day work..please review

hey!..4 day work..need some corrections..

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have a greAT day!

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Re: 4 day work..please review

hey ... great start.

this shows that you can animate but i would say... you need to push it a lot to make it more appealing

so to improve this shot you need to learn about 2 things... acting and body mechanics

right now it feels like the subtext of what she is saying can be push a lot .. like when she calling other girl she will push move to screen left more... she will also need to look more excited

as you push acting.. that will push you to move more .. right now it feels like she is just moving up and down. both the hand moving at same time I would up offset them or change the acting and have delay in hand...

anyway.. keep up the good work... watch ecritiques to know more who you can push animation http://www.animationmentor.com/resource … cond-club/

see you in space guys...!!



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Re: 4 day work..please review

oh..u mean that i should exaggerate  a bit more when she is calling other girl in order to make her look more excited..got it...thanks. smile



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Re: 4 day work..please review

Was it inspired by this clip? https://www.instagram.com/p/yWz6fRHgZQ/ … animschool

I know there's noticeably different acting choices, but it still feels a little close, especially at the end. Just letting you know in case you weren't aware of the other clip's existence.



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Re: 4 day work..please review

Not bad. is your character a male or female? quite confusing.



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