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Rate my Demo Reel please

I want to be a computer animator. Every month I am going to post random animations I have been working




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Re: Rate my Demo Reel please

hello Nigelp520,

I guess your demo reel is not that bad but still you have a lot to work on. Don't worry as far as I can see your on the right track just keep working on it then post it here. this way you know what you're doing good and what needs to be put more effort to it.Good luck! Happy animating!



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Re: Rate my Demo Reel please

I think you're lacking in some of the basics of animation

The first shot of BB8 doesn't have any ease in/ease out, overlap, settle, anticipation - which causes it to feel very stiff

The long shot of the computer talking I would remove as its not really showcasing any animation

I would also avoid "floating talking head" animations - where its just a shot of a head talking. Dialogue is about a lot more that just the face & mouth. Its about posing, gestures, intent, thought process, etc, etc. So you really need a whole body to do a dialogue test

I would take a step back and focus more on simple animations like a bouncing ball - then more on to flour sack tests like you have later in your reel

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