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short dialogue animation


I am practicing acting and performing animation so I took some older 11sec audio that inspire me and make animation. My idea is to improve animation workflow also. I spent, let me say, 20% of time establishing key poses, maybe 40% on inbetween poses, 20% of time on facial animation and rest of time in polishing. Please can you check it out and give me some critiques and feedback.
thank you!



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Re: short dialogue animation

Hey Boba3D,

Cool Shots! smile
I think your animation is a bit "swim-y". The characters are moving so much its hard to read what poses they are supposed to be in. Of course you don't want your characters to stop moving all together but you need to move into a pose and "settle" there. Then move into another pose. Other wise its very confusing for the audience because the character is moving always and you're never sure what they are supposed to be doing because it seems they are about to do something else.

Make strong key poses and let the characters sit in them for a bit before moving to the next one so the audience can read them and understand what the character is doing.

Hope that makes sense, smile



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