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Grassroots Cartoon Animation Project Needs Animator/Collaborator

If your hobby/job is in animation/drawing/cartoons and you want to collaborate on a cartoon animation with someone good with ideas/writing/jokes in your spare time in the longshot hopes that it could pay off and turn you into a successful cartoonist, then continue reading. Be advised this is not paid work. I'd like to see some of your work, but don't need resumes. I live in the LA area, though a lot of the work can be done through electronic exchanges, I am really looking for a collaborator that can sometimes meet face-2-face. I will leave most details for those who are interested. Overall, however, my creative goals are to package original-perspective comedy in an offbeat cartoon aimed at young adults with a well-developed storyline and artful visuals and audio.

My Role and Background
I have an unrelated career, but I believe I could create a successful cartoon if given the right situation. I'm skilled in story and comedy. I've developed several working overarching story lines with full character cast. You could help me polish one or I could do myself. I can also manage storylines for each episode and create the jokes and do most of the voices. Additionally, I could lead conversations we might have as we try to market our cartoon. Lastly, I could assume a minor role in the drawing and animating as well.

Essential Needs
My specific needs are drawing and animating. Whether the cartoon is 2D or 3D is dependent on the preferences of the animator. While I have certain types of software I think are appropriate, I'm open to what you know or prefer as well. This position could either be filled by someone looking to draw and animate stuff that I create or someone who prefers to have personal creative responsibility for the cartoon's visual component. I imagine it having a look similar to Jeff Soto's 2004 art collection, but I'm open to other design aesthetics.

Idealistic Needs
From most desired to least concern: 1) You are funny and can banter with me for jokes to add in; 2) You would be able to voice one or more characters and/or you have musical abilities for adding a soundtrack; 3) You have an interest in collaborating on episode development

Type of Humor
1. I saw a kid run away from her parents' side to lay down on kiddy-train tracks...what is a day in the life of a suicidal toddler like? 2. A squirrel biting into a nut-sized water balloon. 3. When you find out someone you know uses tp as napkins.



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