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Weiredly weired (MAYA 2015)<Solved Tentatively>

Hello!! Was in bliss to animate and started doing so but a weirdest issue I came across and couldn’t really figured out what the issue is all about ,so thought of sharing it here …it would be great if someone could help me in cracking this mysterious problem.

It’s the wrist control of a character which was keyed from thigh level as the first keyframe to shoulder level as the sixth keyframe, please note that the graph is kept to linear (Constant).

The last pose of the hand being near the shoulder level is happening in the third frame itself instead been shown up in the sixth frame. And also its creating inbetween frame even when it is kept to constant.  Hope am clear with my problem and look forward for solution.

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Re: Weiredly weired (MAYA 2015)<Solved Tentatively>

Space switches are funky to animate with as they play with constraints. I would recommend sticking to one space switch or switching them frame-to-frame with no inbetweens and faking the transition.




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Re: Weiredly weired (MAYA 2015)<Solved Tentatively>

Try switching your default incoming tangents to Stepped/Plateau and see if that clears up the issue.  Also,  if you've keyed anything on the elbow and shoulder controls.  Let me know if that solves the problem.

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