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Is CG Spectrum a good online animation school?

I am getting into 3D animation and was looking for a good online school. I read about Animation Mentor, iAnimate, and Animschool but couldn't find anything about CG Spectrum. I like their program the most as they have different specializations but I am not sure how good they are. Please give me your opinion. I am planning to register for one of these programs soon.

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Re: Is CG Spectrum a good online animation school?

They offer a "Test Drive", or two weeks of class for free.  You could try that and see what it's like.  There's also the animation collaborative as well.  Ultimately it's up to you, but if you're on the fence for cg spectrum, I would definitely do the 2 week test drive they offer.  I can't imagine any of the online schools are too different from each other.  Each mentor is going to be different at teaching, regardless of which one you choose.  For me personally, if I was to go back to school, I would seriously consider AnimSchool or Animatino Collab, nothing against the others, that's just my personal choice I think I would make.

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