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People in your life that make assumptions about your profession?


So I wanted to make this topic because I was curious if anyone else experiences this and if they have any suggestions.  I am a 26 year old with dreams of getting my foot in the door within the animation industry (specifically video games).  I have both a Bachelors and Masters degree in animation.

During undergraduate school, I was required to take courses outside of my focus such as digital cinematography, web design, graphic design, typography, etc.  By the time I finished my bachelors I felt I did not have enough 3D animations for a proper portfolio/demo reel so I did a Masters.  That was about eight months ago since I finished and I am still trying to find work.

I made a lot of mistakes that I really regret and I am trying to do the best I can to remedy it.  I even had people look at my reel here and give suggestions, a lot of which were critical but very helpful.  Anyways, from the point after finishing my undergraduate till now I have always received good support from family and friends but sometimes the advice they give me frustrates me a bit.

Some suggestions I get from them are:
-Well if you can't find a job in animation you can always look for something in maybe graphic design or web design.
-Oh all you need is to get that one job and everything will fall into place.
-Don't worry, you have a Masters, you'll find a job in no time, you are already one step ahead of the curve.

It annoys me to no end.  I do not have sufficient work for graphic design or web design.  I feel like I am already putting all my effort into animation and for them to suggest go off track and focus my time and effort into something else is ridiculous to me. My brother specifically assumes that animation and graphic design is the same thing and if I can do one I can do the other. A degree also doesn't seem to mean anything in this field, I have read articles where people will get a job in animation without one.  I keep telling them my demo reel is garbage and that is the reason I am not getting hired.  I am trying to be as honest with myself but they seem to be completely oblivious to my situation and keep acting as if everything will fall into place because it should.  If I could go back I would have never gotten this masters and I probably would have went to school at an online college.

I really am trying to push myself and I have a brand new demo reel up and running that I believe is better than my last (scared to post it though) but sometimes the support from friends and family really stresses me out.  Anyone else have experience with this?




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Re: People in your life that make assumptions about your profession?

A lot of a negativity and fear in that post.  Reduce both.  Definitely post your stuff if you're trying to get into industry, the only way you'll truly get better is by having people look at it and suggest improvements.  The suggestion of finding work in a "related" field is actually a good one and you shouldn't close any potential doors.  Everyone starts somewhere.  Keep positive, stay focused, and things WILL happen.  You just have to believe that, and if it's what you truly want, then you'll do the work and get there.

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Re: People in your life that make assumptions about your profession?

It really is about your Portfolio, having a Good Character, and Luck (which is increased when you have good work).

I'm not going to be one of those person to tell you to "be more positive," cause I used to depressed about this too.

Short words of advice - Focus on just making good work, improving project after project. The momentum of Work will drowns out that voice in your head. If someone says otherwise, like what Johnny Dept said "Just nod and smile...then go do whatever the freak you what"

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Re: People in your life that make assumptions about your profession?

Plus most recruiters don't know art thats a lot of the reason why it is so hard to get into the industry.If they suggest something else do more of what you are doing.don't ever let anyone tell you that you can not do this .You can do it .Post your demo reel we will look at it.

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