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Rigs Make Maya slow down<Solved>

I've been working on this one piece for a while, but it seems as though the rigs in the project have gotten to heavy on the history attached to them that it makes Maya so slow its unusable, when i try and make Maya play at real speed or even just scrub the frames, it skips frames making it impossible to finish the project. I know its a rig issue because earlier in the project I imported new clean versions of the rig and copied all of the animation over to them from the slower rigs it ran fine, until now. Though that process was a real pain I was wondering if there is something im missing or anything I can do to get Maya running back at normal speed.
If it helps at all im using Maya 2017 and the CG Ray Rig and Mary Rig.



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Re: Rigs Make Maya slow down<Solved>

Sorry for the late response.  CGTarian Ray is extremely slow, I have a machine that is insanely powerful and that rig still lags a bit for me.  If you're not on an fast machine, I would definitely recommend using a different rig.  I turn off all the face vis controls and other things I don't need when animating with him, which makes him run a bit faster, but other than that, there's nothing you can do really.  It's unfortunate, I like the rig and the character is appealing.

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