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Sound design for an animated short

Hi all.

I'm currently at the storyboarding stage of creating an animated short. My method of animating is to have the motion and music very much in-synch, with characters moving 'in beat to the music'.

With the storyboard as a guide, I would like a soundtrack composed that will fit with what happens on paper, while the animation may change slightly to accommodate the music.  I understand there may be bit of to-and-through with this method...making everything fit, but..so be it.

What I would like to know is how much would sound design for something like this cost..? I'm aiming the short to be around 4-5 minutes max, ideally 3 minutes. I would like something quite polished so am not looking to get this done on the cheap...similarly I don't want it to cost tens of thousands either.

Is it advantageous to approach a sound studio as opposed to an independent sound designer?

I really have no idea how much something like this would cost, or the most effective way of approaching it so any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!



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Re: Sound design for an animated short

A good composer can work with any budget. As the sound designers/composers we look to you for guidance on how it will all come together. What is the story? Who are the players?

Come up with a figure on what you CAN spend on the music and audio and let us do the rest. The only limit is the sound designers creativity

Also the sooner you get a composer involved the better! The more time the composer has to discover the story the better we can help you tell it. We are pretty flexible with tempo (its kind of our lives) We can write to very comfortable bpm's (based on frames) to make the editors life a breeze

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