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March 2017 WIP

Hello, I am a newbie and this would be my first animated video, I would love to get suggestions and tips from you guys to help me improve as I just started animating a character and this is my first output.

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Re: March 2017 WIP


Great effort satyabrata.
You said u are a newbie so, u know u have a long way to go and  11 sec club is a great place for u to learn and improve your skills .

now to the suggestions that I have for u

1.You have to improve your poses.
   The character is just using his hands and the whole body looks stiff. Stiff is not good. Try to invent more appealing
   poses and try to animate through those poses. Say from pose A to C adding a breakdown in the middle say B      (mostly not B ). Search through youtube . You will find some good tutorials on posing and breakdowns.

2.The second shot camera angles is not working.
   His fingers are pointing at the other guy and ruining the silhouette . Try rotating the camera on Y so that both the    characters are visible clearly in the shot.

3. Malcoms  Hand look gigantic compared to his body . Out of propotion . Please scale it down.

4. Add some holds. Vary the timing . Spice things uP

Good luck!!



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Re: March 2017 WIP

Thanks a lot for your suggestions, I will try my best to do as you instructed...



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Re: March 2017 WIP

Like nithu3d said, try to improve your poses. Poses are very important in animation, because if you have a character with a interesting pose, it will catch your audience with the beauty of it. Poses are a non verbal language, wich means that if a character is angry, you should tell the audience that the character is angry only by his pose (hands closed, rigid body, for example).

Theres animations principles aswell, basically 12 principles of animation. Slow in and out, squash and strech, follow through, overlap, spacing and timing, and so on.. try to apply these principles with balance (or exagerating some of it, could be cool in some cases). It maybe sound hard, but it isnt. Just practice and you will be very good

i don't know if youre already studying animation in a school, or a online class, but try to get into these places. You will be good really fast hehe big_smile

Good luck and have fun! Thats what animation is all about xD



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