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Free Casual Animation App

Hey 11-Second-Animators!  This is Andrew again.  That casual-animation App we were beta-testing — “PuppetShorts�  — is now available for free from the iOS App Store!  We’re calling our unusual approach “Multitrack Puppeteering� .  At the moment, the app is focused on making it super accessible for animators of any experience level to animate head/face/torso performances to short lines of dialogue.  For more info, check out www.puppetshorts.com or just download it from the app store at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/puppets … 1&mt=8

For seasoned animators, perhaps it’s a great acting-choice sketching-tool to experiment with (maybe try it out with one of the lines of dialogue from a contest here…?) … or maybe it’s something to share with kids or new animators who are trying to get a feel for building up a performance.  Here’s a quick example that I created on Tuesday in about 7 minutes using the app:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUTJAVHCIdk 

Anyway, if anybody ends up playing around with it, I’d be glad to get any feedback you’d care to share here in the comments or through the email on our site. 

Thanks for listening and happy animating!


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