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Feedback on my animation.

Hello everybody, just trying to get a few more pointers on my animation since i did not get much feedback.  This was my first one and it was for school.  Thanks everyone, mime was #72 Red Solo Cup Bartender.



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Re: Feedback on my animation.

I'd like to ask for this as well, mine was "#52 No Glass" I only got one comment.

As for your animation Pipe121982,
The eyebrows raising and drink pouring are too fast.
When she says "uhh" her mouth hangs open awkwardly.
Her right hand floats across the counter and is awkwardly moving for most the animation
The guys shrug kind of snaps
You could strengthen the appeal of his facial expressions, they're very plain at the moment.
Overall a lot of the arm/hand movement is rigid and unnatural for both characters try to make them flow more smoothly.
Hope this helps!



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