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February 2017 Work in Progress

figured i would "grow" and "learn" by getting feedback and try to implement ideas that i liked, so let me know.  here's an animatic with a couple of scenes refined a little bit.

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Re: February 2017 Work in Progress

I really like everything it looks great! The only thing I would say is that the shot from his hand, to his face to the Garbage  is a little too quick. I think you can do away without the shot of the garbage but thats just my opinion.



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Re: February 2017 Work in Progress

I understand that you are showing us that you "took out" the glasses when we see the trash, but I feel like that cut is a bit harsh. We go from the conversation to outside to inside really quick. I agree with IsabelA, you could probably do away with the garbage scene. If you want to keep it, one thing you might be able to do is keep the trash in the same room as the characters. When he motions with his head, you could pan the camera down to show the glasses in the trash. You might even be able to hold on the trash and not cut back to the characters.

I like the idea though, I've seen a few variations on not using glass cups, but I like how you completely get rid of any sort of cup and use the hand.



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