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What is the intention?

Can some explain what exactly intention is? I feel like this is such a simple thing to grasp but every time someone looks at my animation and say "Okay, but what is the intention?" I honestly don't know how to answer it.



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Re: What is the intention?

I see it could mean two different things:
1. What is your intention for making the shot/animation? What is the idea you are trying to communicate?
2. What is the intention behind what the character is doing? Why is the character doing a certain motion?

You should ask the person saying that to clarify.



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Re: What is the intention?

Yep, Zhalktis said it well. If it's the second one, keep in mind that most people have intentions even if their actions say otherwise. So, for example, a guy giving a girl flowers as a nice gesture but really he's looking to get some smoochin' out of it. So knowing the intention of the character is essential when you're animating!

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