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November Competition Brainstorming Thread


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Tim Rizzo
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Re: November Competition Brainstorming Thread

First thing that comes to my mind is two burglars in the middle of a safe cracking job.



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J.K. Riki
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Re: November Competition Brainstorming Thread

I thought this was from some British sitcom at first, so that's what sprung to mind. A maid or something in the house of a Duke or Barron.

Continuing along, there are plenty of options with this one, which is nice. Think up any crazy job you can and you are able to take your animation in any direction. One of the things that keeps returning to mind is an ingredient and chef. Example: A chicken talking to a chef about getting this "job" which of course means dinner. But since this is animation, it could be anything! Maybe a talking vegetable, that would be more unique.

You could take it a bit more risque and have the guy be dressed up in some leather outfit and the female be less enthusiastic about the "job" being offered... Certainly fits the "I wouldn't be nice to you" bit.

Maybe an old dog talking to a younger pup, about chasing the mailman or something. Or, animal related, two birds sitting above a freshly washed car, discussing who will get to do the fly by.

Maybe the first voice is a baseball bat, and the pro ball player is considering using it for his appearance at the plate.

An old landlord is setting out mousetraps and talking to a stray cat.

Whatever the case, one of the biggest keys is going to be that silent bit before "I'm thinking about it." That is going to need to have great care taken with it, because it could make or break the piece.

Good luck everyone!

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Re: November Competition Brainstorming Thread

Hello Tim Rizzo & Riki,
All that above are very good ideas you came up with.
I was afraid that 90% of November animation clips would be about another day in the office.
mates & fellows animators let's stop kidding ourselves.
We know very well where that conversation takes place & who are those two characters.
Is it that obvious ?
Come on !
The conversation take place in ..........  oiduts noitamina na
between.............. ssob noitamina na dna ( ebannaw ro) rotamina na
How could you miss that ..........LOL
Just look in the mirror image when you read that in case you did not get it again......
As animators we supposed to use mirrors because all animators have narcissistic personality.
Please, do not flip on me. I'm just your mirror &
I'm just havin' fun wth u.
Now, how to animate that ? upside down perhaps ?............lol (edited)
don't take me too seriously... animation mostly should be fun
everybody's a critic (including me although I try to be humble...sometimes ...>;o)

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Re: November Competition Brainstorming Thread

oh nice



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