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2D Animation short for my thesis final year project help?


I am a new member to this website. I'm in my final year of my university course studying Digital Media and I have decided to produce a 2D animated short film. I was speaking to a lecturer today about him being my supervisor and he rejected me as he thinks my idea of just producing an animated short film wasn't enough. I decided the topic was going to be 'Anime as a global cultural phenomenon in 2D animation' he said the animation needs to have use e.g. created for an organisation or business etc..

Only thing is I wouldn't know where to start finding a company or organisation for my project or even giving evidence of how my anime animation has been put to good use?

Any ideas and help would be very much appreciated ...

Thank you smile



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Re: 2D Animation short for my thesis final year project help?

Ahan no 2D animation short films do not mean to deliver the organizational or business thoughts.It is also about to show something that u does not speak in words.see below

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Re: 2D Animation short for my thesis final year project help?

Just as a response to your teacher:

1) Shorts can be made for fun. It doesn't mean they aren't worth making. Like any other art form, people can take it up as a hobby and there's no reason why they shouldn't be creating shorts.

2) I think people forget that animation in general is a growing business in and of itself. There are large companies that have lasted for decades and decades dedicating themselves mostly to production and distribution. It's a very competitive field that generates many jobs and much revenue, not only in terms of feature length films, but TV series, webseries, etc. And it's not like it's a particularly obscure field, either - the fact that you can go to the movies to see a new Disney film or turn on your TV and see cartoons means there is already hundreds of people behind the content you're seeing. It's honestly ridiculous to only credit animation when it's directed towards businesses when popular culture values animation as entertainment over that and consumes that sort of content.

What I will say, though, is that I don't know your situation with your teacher. Maybe your digital media course is more directed towards advertisement and that field, and he wants to make sure you're marketable as a professional. I highly doubt he doesn't know everything I already stated, but I'm sure there are some program specifications that might play into his counseling.



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