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[ENTRY PROCESS] step by step

The process of uploading your video entry for monthly competition (last minute).

1.  Go to page:  http://www.11secondclub.com/competitions/current

2.  Press "ENTER"

3. Fill out the form

4. Upload your video entry (file size LESS than 10MB !!!!) and ONE picture frame from/of your video as .jpg file.  At the bottom of the entry page, you must mark/check off "agree" with a tick.

5. A new page opens saying "We have received your entry WITHOUT PROBLEM, ENSURE it can PLAY below if you FOLLOWED all the RULES you ARE GOOD to go, pending approval UNTIL VOTING BEGINS"

6. 11secondclub.com SHOULD send you an e-mail conformation receiving your ENTRY but 11secondclub does NOT ALWAYS do that.

Now cross your fingers and legs and WAIT until VOTING BEGINS, again be PATIENT & WAIT for voting!!!!

If you are lucky you will find your video entry there while you are voting do not forget grade your animation work.

if you do NOT find your video entry when voting begins
I think there is NOTHING you can do. You are out of luck
TRY submit your animation NEXT TIME (next month).
The site administration does not reply to any crying posts for a help as far as I know..
You can try to sound the alarm of not having your entry during voting period
but I have doubts if you get any answers or solutions.

I hope that post can help any member worried his/her video is not on 11secondclub.com pages
despite s/he tried to upload it for a COMPETITION.

Also read http://www.11secondclub.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=9154

aja wrote:

If you are having trouble uploading your entry:

Please make sure you read the instructions carefully (less than 10MB file size, .mp4, .mov, .avi, or .flv format, make sure all the fields and files are correctly filled out)

Please read and follow these Helpful Hints on encoding your entry with Quicktime.

Please try a different web browser and/or computer, if available.  The upload system has only been tested with the most popular browsers, cutting-edge programs may not work as expected. 

DON'T WAIT until the last possible minute to upload your work!  You can upload newer versions of your entry at any time during the month, there's no excuse for not uploading early to make sure everything works.  Remember that 60 seconds is almost never enough time to fill out the form and get your file uploaded! 

We really hate it when we can't accept an entry that someone's worked hard on, but we don't always have time to help everyone with their entries, especially at the last minute.  Every one of the uploading issues we've seen in the last 3 months could have been prevented by a more careful reading of the instructions, an earlier upload test, or a different web browser, so if you're experiencing problems, it's almost certainly something that you can fix yourself. 



don't take me too seriously... animation mostly should be fun
everybody's a critic (including me although I try to be humble...sometimes ...>;o)

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