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Shooting script WIP Would like feedback!

I would like to have some feedback on my script so far, its only a work in progress right now but I want to know what I could improve on.

Shooting script

Voice 1 is walking downtown with voice 2, it is a large downtown area with a market up, they walk past some bustling people the camera is facing towards them.
Voice 1 slows down to a halt and the camera changes to a angled bust shot of her.

[Voice 1] - I mean when I gave up teaching to join the CIA I thought everything was going to be different, I thought I was going to be this amazing spy (Camera pans over slightly revealing voice 2) I’m just, the same boring person I was before…

[Voice 2 ]- (As she puts her hand on Voice 1 shoulder the camera zooms out slightly) Well for what it’s worth, I think you’re brilliant as you are. You’re exciting!

There is a long shot of them before the bustling people start taking over the shot, whilst this is happening the camera pans out showing the rest of the street



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