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Job in pixar

My nation is India.If i get ecritique then can iget job in pixar?



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Re: Job in pixar

I really doubt that anyone could get a job at Pixar just by winning a competition in animation and winning a ecritique, I think to get a job in pixar you have to be extreemely talented and have a passion for animation and something unique, you pretty much have to eat ,drink and breath animation, not just anyone can become a pixar animator but as long as you have the dream of it anything is possible.

Good Luck !! And happy animating to all



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Re: Job in pixar

Yeah man, I agree with ericRaffle, and glad you had the fire and heart to ask a question.
Success as in animator isn't easy. Eric is on his journey. I'm on me journey. and you keep the fire and heart for animating.

God Bless!



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