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INAPPROPRIATE/WRONG choice of 2016 March audio

I have to voice my disbelieve & unpleasant surprise how wrong & inappropriate
the choice of 2016 March audio is by 11secondclub organizers.

Is the administration of this site promoting underage drinking (even with mum supervision) ?
Voice 1: " Um...Is there alcohol in this?"
Voice 2: "Huh! O God honey, NO! What kind of a mother do you think I am?
Why, do you want a little bit? 'Cause if your are going to drink it,
I'd rather you do it in the house."
In the past this issue (underage drinking) was discussed endlessly in the media.
There's NO safe way for underage kids to drink alcohol.
>>> "Underage drinking is not safe, and it's not the case that somehow the risk is removed
because the parents provided it," says  Michael Hilton, acting deputy director
for epidemiology and prevention research at the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse
and Alcoholism. <<<
You can do your own research Online.
I wonder what MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) would have to say
about 2016 March audio.
This site is accessed by many students. I wonder if the March audio sending
the right message to all of them
I'm deeply disappointed &
for the above reason I will not participate in March 2016 Competition.
I can anticipate some funny responses (if any) to this post by teenagers.
so keep that in mind I'm ahead of you. If this post is not going to be taken it off.
everybody's a critic (including me although I try to be humble...sometimes ...>;o)



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Re: INAPPROPRIATE/WRONG choice of 2016 March audio

Were they also promoting murder when they used this audio clip http://www.11secondclub.com/competition … 08/winner?

If it offends you then don't enter, don't vote and don't look at any Wips. It's that simple. You have every right to be offended and the rest of us have every right not to care.



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Re: INAPPROPRIATE/WRONG choice of 2016 March audio

I can't believe how someone coluld think a 10 sec audio file would promote underage drinking. I'm kinda shocked.

Relax man, take it easy....



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Re: INAPPROPRIATE/WRONG choice of 2016 March audio

Inappropriate? Like St_Jons have pointed out, there have been voice clips with much more mature content on this site before. And please keep in mind that the soundclip in question is from a comedy that in no way endorses underage drinking, quite the opposite actually. I agree that drunk driving is a serious topic which shouldn't be taken lightly, but this month's submission has next to nothing to do with drunk /driving/ in particular.



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Re: INAPPROPRIATE/WRONG choice of 2016 March audio

Topic closed.  This is just going to spiral out of control.

"Frustration is the handmaiden of creativity" ~ Chuck Jones



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