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Voting system

In the FAQ section of the forum, it gave a voting guide.

"When deciding how many stars to rate an entry with, we suggest using this grading system:

1 - 2 stars -- Poor.
3 - 4 stars -- Decent.
5 - 6 stars -- Good.
7 - 8 stars -- Great!
9 - 10 stars -- Excellent!
11 stars -- I'll never wash my eyes again"

However, when rating the clips, clicking on a star gave a different grading system.
So I have given some entries 4 stars for being decent, but it says "needs a lot of improvement" when I voted.

Either the FAQ needs to be updated or the star review in voting section needs to be updated because mine and other voters' grading would be very different.

I do apologise if I gave some people what I thought as good[/] but ended up being called [i]decent and whatnot.



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