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Free rig with on face control handles?

Hi guys,

I wondered if anyone knows of any free rigs where the controls are directly on the face? Like how the Kayle rig, and animation mentor rigs are done.

I have fairly limited experience in animation, and it has been mostly stop motion. After seeing the process of How To Train Your Dragon, where they use a wacom and move the characters directly, I really liked the idea of giving 3d animation another go.

I understand it doesn't work like that, but after spending a few days playing with facial control panels, it just felt really unintuitive to me. So the direct rigging points seem like a great halfway comprimise.

Pretty broke right now. Would probably buy Kayle next year, maybe I could stretch for the rig now. But if there are free rigs with similar facial controls - I'd prefer that for just starting out.




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Re: Free rig with on face control handles?

First 2 popping into my mind are Malcolm and Morpheus. They are probably the most famous free rigs at the moment and are both amazing.
All the Long Winter Studio rigs have also the same kind of facials, they are pretty cool but...unfortunately not free.



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Re: Free rig with on face control handles?

"Frustration is the handmaiden of creativity" ~ Chuck Jones



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Re: Free rig with on face control handles?

Thanks guys!



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