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Blocking out the chef

hello, my first post here, I loved the 10 second club and glad this one exists.

i am working on a chef animation, here is the blocking stage, appreciate any comments or advice you can give me.


many thanks


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Re: Blocking out the chef

dwinn -
first comment I would make would be to really watch the rotoscope you did.  Obviosuly this is realistic and the 3D is just blocking, but there is so much more life in the roto one.  Really look at the part where you drop in the spices - even though there is no broad action, the hold has life.  You have to bring that into your animations.
The next thing is the characteristics.  Unless you are going for something completely like the real thing (in that case I would say Mocap) you want to have life and character in the piece!  Really exaggerate the poses and actions.
Lastly - why the chef scene?  I would really look at the intentions of the scene and what you want to show.  Is he a famous chef - a new chef with no experience - is he confident or is he egotistical and cocky?  Is he the chef from Ratatouille or the chef like the one in the Muppets?  Really know the character and then bring that to the animation.  One good point is when he first enters the scene, you could really exaggerate his body entering with his head being left behind and then catching up..really play with that.
Play with the timing - once you get the poses you could play with the timing to add more life to it.

Keep at it - start getting some really good contrasting poses and a few breakdowns and show it again.  Could be a good piece with some pizazz!

Matt -

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