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Latest Demo Reel

First one I put on the web after school was so small, might as well have not put it out at all.

Second one ran WAY to long, focused on the wrong things and was editing by someone with ADHD (...me).

Third times a charm...

Direct Link

Still edited by me, but...I dunno...I think it's pretty good compared to previous attempts.  And hell, those previous attempts landed me jobs! tongue

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Re: Latest Demo Reel

Awesome ...i liked your green guy flying and your bee animation
they are your best ....



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Re: Latest Demo Reel

they are so... delicate!



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Re: Latest Demo Reel

Your guitar part is pretty cool tongue
nice stuff

There are a lot of popping on the feet, in your character jump, and some of your walks.
And may I suggest, that you should refine those crashes in your model?
There's an earlier shot with the guys hand going through his hair
And the shot with the blue guys, and the guys is hand floating and drifting through the table.



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