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>>My Facial Animation test..!

Hi people checkout & comment on my facial animation work..smile

Click Here...

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Re: >>My Facial Animation test..!

hey its lovely dude good work.....
push some more expressions....
i think thats wat lacking behind



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Re: >>My Facial Animation test..!

That's pretty cool piece you've got,

What you could do to make it all the more impressive would be to vary the expression more, the lip sync and delivery timing are really good now but the facial expression is a consistently the same.
I think right now you could seperate your dialogue into four facials.
"The worst looking hat I ever saw," #1 the facial you have now best fits this beginning showing disgust/ confusion (why would anybody buy that hat?)
"...free bowl of soup,"- #2 big change to humor, he's trying to make a joke.
(pause),- #3 get creative, this is when he sees he's wandered into dangerous territory, risking offending someone he fears or respects, ect. Also think about what the other character just did, or said, to bring on this realization.
"it looks good on you though."- #4 feeble recovery, that says it all.

It seems like you have a good hold on the basics of making a character look natural in dialogue, just vary the faces and you'll be golden.


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Re: >>My Facial Animation test..!

just a quick reply, coz i gotta go ... you should definitely avoid doing the talking with the lips. use the jaw instead. thats very important


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